IDM UltraFinder With Crack

UltraFinder 20 Crack is a ground-up rewrite that leverages the same UI and framework as our other Windows applications. The result is a vastly improved user experience and performance gains throughout the application. You’ll enjoy a much cleaner and smoother UI in general, with improvements and adjustments to themes, dockable windows, menus/ribbon, and more. These changes are a huge step forward for usability and user experience! You may also like can download BackupAssist Desktop Crack

IDM UltraFinder Crack

IDM UltraFinder Full Latest Version also introduces tabbed search sessions. In fact, you can run multiple searches simultaneously and maintain separate result sets for each search, and each session maintains its own separate search settings.

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IDM UltraFinder Key Features:

Find locations

  • Note: The following features apply globally to both Find Files mode and Find Duplicates mode.
  • Search an entire drive or subfolder
  • Add multiple find locations
  • Search folders from FTP/SFTP servers
  • Configure multiple FTP accounts
  • FTP, SFTP, and FTPS support
  • Proxy support
  • FTP browser
  • Add individual files to find locations
  • Recursive find (search or ignore subdirectories)
  • Optionally ignore hidden subdirectories
  • Find locations history for quickly recalling a previously-searched folder
  • Split File View
  • Browse local/remote drives
  • Drag folders or files to find locations list
  • Filter file listing
  • Show or hide hidden files

Find files

  • Pause/cancel search
  • Multi-line search strings supported
  • Search string history to recall your previously-used strings
  • Search string favorites
  • Find files on FTP servers
  • Find files by content or by name
  • Optionally use native OS file index for lightning-fast results (available for file name search only)
  • Full regular expression support (Perl, Unix, UltraEdit-native)
  • Regular expression helper (quick reference)
  • Match a whole or partial word
  • Match case/case sensitive search
  • Create file listing of find location(s) by leaving search string empty
  • Find non-matching lines (reverse or negative search)
  • Find files NOT containing string/text
  • Specify file names and types to search (wildcards supported)
  • Ignore file names and types (wildcards supported)
  • Ignore specific subdirectories
  • Optionally set encoding (code page) to use for the search string
  • Search PDF files
  • Search Word documents (.doc/.docx)

Find files results

  • Auto-hiding / docking results window
  • Grid-style find output with collapsible matches (lines containing search string) for each file
  • Expand/collapse all results
  • Criteria reported for each file:
  • Name
  • Path
  • Number of occurrences of search string
  • Size
  • Date Created
  • Date Modified
  • Attributes
  • Line numbers are shown next to matched lines (text file search only)
  • Highlighting of search string in matches
  • Double-click a result to open it in its default application
  • Copy results to clipboard
  • All results
  • Selected result
  • File path/names only
  • Selected item(s) only
  • Visible (non-collapsed) results
  • UltraEdit/UEStudio integration
  • Open file at match location in UE/UES
  • Open results as a new file in UE/UES
  • Load selected result(s) in UltraCompare
  • Save and print results
  • Two results windows (maintain find results from two separate searches)
  • Messaging output for errors, warnings, and FTP logging

Find duplicates

  • Specify duplicate criteria
  • Content
  • Name
  • Ignore case/case sensitive search
  • Ignore file extensions
  • Dates (created or modified)
  • Size (max. and min. file size)
  • Ignore options
  • Ignore zero-byte files
  • Ignore system files
  • Ignore hidden files
  • Ignore Recycle Bin files
  • Ignore Windows files
  • Include or exclude files and folders by name/extension (wildcards supported)
  • Find duplicates on FTP servers

Find duplicates results

  • Results organized in duplicate groups
  • For each duplicate:
  • Open in the default program
  • Check file properties
  • Open containing folder
  • Open in UltraEdit
  • Compare and diff in UltraCompare
  • Deduplicate
  • Rename
  • Send to Recycle Bin
  • Delete permanently
  • Delete all except oldest / newest

IDM UltraFinder Crack

IDM UltraFinder Crack Serial Key

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